Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Automatic Writing Session – 11/10/09

Stimulus – Union. Started 15:53 – ended 16:35.


“I have it branded to my skin now there for me to see it is a seal to lock away my heart so that I cannot love anymore anyone go away this heart will not give anymore I wish to transform myself from pain to an spectacle of love, joy & overwhelming bliss is what I will find in my union from fool is what I am & 11 is my number 5+6 is the sum of my equation but where is my Babalon? let me fill your cup oh Harlot let me fill you my dagger has blood for you to lick off its edge & the taste is ecstasy like your embrace where are you now for it is I your champion who calls for you my beautiful slave who is also my only master no one else does this black knight serve only you my Goddess come with me & we shall come together & always in loves name shall we enjoy each other for now without your love I am alone in a dark room caged in with Demons that hate me & wish to consume my body, soul & heart head lance & graal but it is your glyph that protects me that reminds me that I can never be slain for I am the champion of my princess & her love will protect if I only search for her but she is far from me now fuck pain I cry & die inside from her absence if we are divided for loves sake for a chance of union let that time of passing be now I am ready to receive you but I do not deserve you but you come to me eventually once this knight has conquered the monsters & found your naked splendour arched waiting to be loved & oh how i do love thee Nuit but yes I know hush to say these things is not enough enough I understand but I do not know how to do for now to love for now I am dead I have nothing to give nothing to offer I must fill your graal now enough away I must go do not entertain me any longer I must go now & earn your love to transform is a great thing a great thing indeed together our love is perfection the God of this kingdom & together we are Gods to rule this universe in perfection untamed.”

Union – Unfinished


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