Friday, 27 November 2009

Automatic Writing Session – 25/11/09

Stimulus – Life (The Great Seal & Atlas Moth). 16:30 – 17:05.

IMG“This is the path I have chosen & I must walk it alone with no one to be my crutch I look to heaven &I see the destruction of great nations of free people reduced to slaves that serve in his horrible name Jesus the Nazarian who who shepherds his flock of sheep but they are not with us we are alone & walk in the light of the sun our secret centre our heart & tongue lance & graal turn me & make me a glorious Angel with black wings & four faces. But wait what is this Love? Love that is a lie told to small children propagated by idiots that know not what love is. There is NO compassion in LOVE. The universe is not made that way who says you are right? God? He left you & me a long time ago the old ways are Black & so is Love. I am not. I hate them all these who kill our Brothers & Sisters it is they who are the monsters them who should Be burned & left to rot in history as Devils that is exactly what they are those enemies of Liberty, Life, Light & LOVE I should End it for them They are a cancer for the rest of us. Have no compassion they show none the animals of our kingdom show none it is the way of things. I cannot & wont blame her for leaving me I won't she was being true to herself it is always me that is not true not pure blood will change me blood can help can’t it? For I have nothing else to lean on friends not I have none of those one should only need ones self that should be enough. who dies now? no one I guess I have not have I? One thing I do know is that I am not with my Love I long for her what must I do to show her I want her back Please love me please descend & meet me in union I am lost without you in my life but I am always so easily distracted by these Harlots Are they your gifts or a trick to take this Fool is what I am 11 are of us now what? When? Where should I go they try to take this work from me but I will not let them this is my will the Blood stains but is washed away in conviction of being wasted not but used to create Art Pure & True without Lust of Result or a care of the world thinks but always I long for acceptance for Union. I start to think the Blessing won’t ever find me No Keep on & care not feel Not. Pain Moves you & Will alone Saves.”

Life – 11cm x 30 cm. 2B Pencil on paper. Artists Blood. Varnishes.

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