Saturday, 14 November 2009

Automatic Writing Session – 14/11/09

Stimulus – Death (Morel Stinkhorn)


I am not real. I am you. Part of the whole but not complete. I am Death & the bringer of change. Nothing is still for very long for the death of Autumn is a part of the whole & the wheel cannot turn without it. But what of after I can not say here for I would not understand much. Ask a question. How do I die? will it hurt much? I do not fear death only more pain. I hate pain & fear knows it using pain as a device to control my thoughts & actions. You think to much is it not enough that you have some time than none at all? Better to have a little than none at all? True but when I die will all I have experienced be lost? Lost in a void no one to remember my first kiss? no one to remember that time I came home late & my dad hit me round my head? Once something is done it cannot be undone & although it is true that I will forget & no longer experience this world the universe can never forget that which has been done. For is it not the past that shapes the future? Does not even a butterfly decide a part in the future of Man? Death is the end as I know it. Senses will end & no longer will you be Trapped by the 5, maybe return to the 1 the 0 or the 1,2,3, (infinity). All is none & you are no exception. Oh but what now? Can I achieve all that I am before I die? Transform can I? I don’t believe it . Something I feel stops me. I am my own enemy. I is a slave to they & to I. Then kill it off Die. Take I away & bring me annihilation & peace. Oh cold death refreshing clear without sound & without taste. Without smell & without touch. Sleep without sight awaken from his dream locked in a dream. Death is the Key. Smell the roses for a while you have time yet. How you die has already been written but is decided by you so you will accept it & allow yourself to move. Now reach fulfilment of your promise the contract will Terminate & you can have release. Feast for Death for it is the Greatest celebration of All. Of All ask not now it will be shown to you at a later Time what is that & how will it Stop All Stop.

Death - Unfinished.


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