Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Automatic Writing session – 15/11/09

Stimulus – None/Freehand (Striped agaric)

IMG_0001 “why won’t this pain Stop. Am I making progress at? I think not. It has become harder for me to put down my thoughts my mind isn’t clear & these cuts remind me of past lives that hurt me in the Dark they come in their legions to bite at me I cannot Stop them what can I do Nothing seems to be going my way. My consciousness thinks sometimes of the cuts heal it is comforting in a way but you won’t find me bleeding & laughing in the corner of a dark room. No. This is my expression a way of entering this universe & communicating with the divine When my arm bleeds it becomes my palette, my blood is my paint & the dagger is my brush. These are weapons I have chosen to arm myself & I love my tools like they are a part of me. The paint especially moves me makes me feel alive & at rest. Strange my blood gives me calm & focus while another's fills me with ecstasy & desires. Tut to structured where has my connection to the divine disappeared too? These words are forced connected to one another Trapped to they & I. Free myself by blood I hope I can I do not want to be stuck in this place it is not my vision. Curse it & throw it in the fire. Send it away.”

Nothing - Unfinished.

After this experiment I have decided that to help preserve my work I shall varnish all my sessions.


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